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Visitor Information: Patient Billing

Physician Patient Billing Coordinator Phone
John Baker, MD Julie Fagan 214.720.9315
William Bruck, MD Denise Combs 214.720.9361
Wayne Burkhead, MD, Jr. Angelica Villela 214.720.9376
Andrew Clavenna, MD Denise Combs 214.720.9361
Daniel Cooper, MD Sherry Bowers 214.720.9312
Eugene Curry, MD Susie Tristan 214.720.9317
R. Stephen Curtis, MD (Retired) Wendy Pryor 214.720.9318
Andrew Dossett, MD Denise Combs 214.720.9361
William Jackson, MD Ronya Loewen 214.720.9342
Kurt Kitziger, MD Sherry Bowers 214.720.9312
Todd Moen, MD Wendy Pryor 214.720.9318
Mark Muller, MD FTGU 877.331.9161 Ext 185
Paul Peters, MD, Jr. Ronya Loewen 214.720.9342
James Sackett, MD Issa Forbes 214.720.9313
Richard Schubert, MD Ronya Loewen 214.720.9342
Robert Vandermeer, MD (Retired) Julie Fagan 214.720.9315
Carr Vineyard, MD Susie Tristan 214.720.9317
Daniel Worrel, MD Ronya Loewen 214.720.9342